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Who We are

New Zealand farmers/growers are recognised as being world leaders in the management of their natural resources and the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust celebrates and promotes sustainable management practices.

The New Zealand Farm Environment Trust , which is an independent entity, seeks to promote leadership in environmental excellence and encourage the uptake of management practices which both protect and enhance the environment and add value to farming businesses and communities.

The New Zealand Farm Environment Trust facilitates the annual Ballance Farm Environment Awards to showcase the nation's environmentally responsible and profitable farmers while providing all entrants with information on best-practice management of their natural resources.

The Ballance Farm Environment Awards ceremonies and winners' field days offer a unique, pan-sector forum for networking and the sharing of ideas and information among farming/growers peers, agribusiness professionals and the wider community.

The Alumni of past Supreme Winners are a rich resource of farmers/growers who have shown excellence in environmental management and enhancement.  They lead by example

As farmers/growers seek to nurture and enhance their environment for future generations on New Zealanders, the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust will continue to provide leadership in promoting, educating and celebrating this country's best.


our culture and values

Underpinning all the the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust's activities is a large group of regionally-based volunteers who share the vision of ensuring this country's farmers/ growers remain global leaders in the sustainable management and enhancement of their resources.

As an independent body, the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust acts as a conduit between local, regional governments, farmers, growers and the wider community.

We are passionate about New Zealand agriculture and horticulture and celebrate what New Zealand farmers and growers are achieving.  The New Zealand Farm Environment Trust and Ballance Farm Environment Awards are built on the dedication of our nationwide army of volunteers and we drive positive change in environmental practices.

The New Zealand Farm Environment Trust values its independence and integrity.

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