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Rabobank New Zealand is part of the International Rabobank Group, the world’s leading food and agribusiness bank.

As a specialist lender to the food and agribusiness sector, Rabobank is focused on the long term viability and sustainability of New Zealand agriculture and that’s why we are proud to partner with the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust, an organisation that shares this focus.

The bank believes knowledge and understanding of environmental sustainability issues are the keys for both farmers and banks and, as such, is undertaking a range of initiatives to work with both our staff and clients in a range of ways to incorporate sustainability within long-term farm business planning. Chief amongst these initiatives is our partnership with the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust and support for the Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

Throughout the 2015 Ballance Farm Environment Awards, Rabobank staff from around the country have played a significant role on the committees and judging panels of both the Regional and National Awards.

This hands-on role provides our staff with a first-hand view of farming best practice and we are continually impressed by the passion of New Zealand’s farmers and their drive to improve their farming operations.

The bank was thrilled to see the awards expanded with the inclusion of the Auckland region for 2016 and we are sure farmers in this region will benefit from the ability to participate in these prestigious Awards.

We are delighted to partner with the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust and will be working with the Trust in the coming months to encourage our clients and other industry contacts to enter next year’s Awards.

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