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Predator Free NZ Trust

Predator Free NZ Trust

Predator Free New Zealand Trust is an independent organisation established in 2013.

It is committed to restoring our native species by reducing New Zealand’s introduced predator populations. The Trust is proud to recognise and support the predator control efforts of farmers through the Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

The Trust wants to protect our native species and see their populations increase in our lifetime. It’s one of the most ambitious conservation projects undertaken in New Zealand – ambitious, but achievable.

Many farmers have systems in place to effectively manage and monitor predators including possums, rats, feral cats, ferrets, weasels and stoats. A number of farmers have been involved in significant predator control programmes on their land for many years. More and more are seeing the value of predator eradication on their properties.

The Predator Free Farm Award acknowledges and celebrates those doing great work and hopefully inspires more farmers to get involved in the Predator Free movement.

Click here to view the Predator Free NZ Trust website for more information

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