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Otago Regional Council

The Otago Regional Council has supported the Ballance Farm Environment Awards for several years.  Otago Regional Council congratulates all land managers, from across Otago's primary production sector, who have entered the awards and demonstrated that they have achieved high standards of sustainable land management.

Life on any type of farm is complex and busy, and balancing environmental, economic and social issues in this working environment is an art and a science.  The Ballance Farm Environment Awards directly assist this creative process, and in doing so supports resource management policies that Otago Regional Council has developed that call for land managers to manage their water and land resources in a sustainable way.  We value our association with them.

The Ballance Farm Environment Awards also help farmers develop and share their knowledge of the latest quality farm management practices which play a part in maintaining New Zealand's position as one of the world's most innovative agricultural producers.

Stephen Woodhead


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