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Ballance Agri-Nutrients Soil Management Award

This award focuses on the excellent management of soil as well as the appropriate use of nutrients. A strong understanding of nutrient cycles and physical, chemical and biological factors will need to be demonstrated. Nutrient budgeting will be documented and understood. The impacts of nutrients and management practices on both surface and ground water will need to be well understood and managed.

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Bayleys People in Primary Sector Award

This award is focused on the all-important people side of the farming and growing business. It recognises the importance of staff management, community involvement, health and safety and other practices associated with people management and wellbeing.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Award

This award recognises the livestock farmer who demonstrates the need for long term land and animal stewardship. Considerations will be made around the wise use of the land, labour and capital resources available or created. Stock will be well cared for. Stock class and type will be well suited to the land contour and managed appropriately to suit soil type.

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DairyNZ Sustainability and Stewardship Award

This award recognises dairy farmers who demonstrate a strong commitment to managing, protecting and enhancing their environment. The award focuses on positive, long term, environmentally sustainable on-farm actions. Entrants will demonstrate high standards of environmental care and sustainable use of the land, stock, labour and capital resources.

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Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award

This award recognises excellence in the use of science and on-farm monitoring to increase productivity and minimise environmental impacts. A good understanding of soil, water, plant and crop protection should be demonstrated, with supporting measurement and monitoring in evidence.

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Massey University Innovation Award

This award recognises the farmer or grower that demonstrates Kiwi ingenuity for solving a problem or pursuing a new opportunity. The award takes into account the extent to which new technologies, tools and processes have been introduced alongside other farm practices as a means of improving environmental, social or economic outcomes.

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Norwood Agri-Business Management Award

This award recognises the approach that farmers take to accomplish the important management practices of operating a successful farm business. This includes the development and use of a business plan, benchmarking and succession planning. It may also involve the use of industry professionals and networks to support the sustainability of the business enterprise.

View the 2017 CB Norwood Distributors Ltd Agri-Business Management Award winners here

Predator Free Farm Award

This Award celebrates the efforts of farmers and growers who successfully control introduced predators such as rats, stoats, possums and feral cats on their properties. Farmers are integral to achieving our goal of making NZ predator free by 2050 and restoring our native species.

WaterForce Integrated Management Award

This award recognises the farmer or grower that is demonstrating wise water practices. This award takes into account the extent to which the farm has systems in place for managing and monitoring water efficiently.

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