Meet the Trustees

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The New Zealand Farm Environment Trust is governed by an up to eight member board consisting of:

  • Three members voted "at large" by our regional management committees
  • Two members are elected from the Council of Regions
  • One appointed member as a representative of all sponsors
  • Up to two members appointed by the Board of the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust

In addition there are four Trust Support representatives, including management and operational roles.



Joanne van Polanen                        Andrea Hanna                 Mike Scarsbrook               Judy Miller

Chair                                                   Deputy Chair                    Treasurer                            Secretary 



Michael Jamieson                 Warwick Catto                               Simon Stokes                  Phill Muir

Trustee                                    Trustee                                          Trustee                               Trustee




James Ryan

General Manager

Andrea Hanna - National Judging Coordinator

Jane Hill - Operations

Kate Pierson - Communications