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Massey University

Massey University is proud to be part of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards and particularly the Discovery Award, to be known as the Innovation Award from 2014.  It recognises the identification and implementation of farming systems that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

New knowledge or research and its application is what innovation is about and this is highly valued at Massey University. We nurture the expertise and skills needed to explore new frontiers and to apply new information to developing the technologies and processes needed. We are committed to our research programmes and to research-led teaching and learning. We are also dedicated to working with industry leaders to ensure our research and teaching delivers what’s wanted.

Each year Massey graduates with degrees ranging from agricultural and veterinary environmental science to international agribusiness take the next step in roles building New Zealand’s economy. Together they provide New Zealand with the latest knowledge and expertise across the food value chain, from smart production systems to food product development and from market research to developing international trade. Just as the primary production sector is critical to our country, Massey is the engine of the new New Zealand.

This year, Massey Univeristy gave out more than half a millon dollars in agriculture scholarships to students and had the highest intake of new agriculture students to date.

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