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Hill Laboratories

Hill Laboratories

Founded in 1984 by Dr Roger Hill and Anne Hill, Hill Laboratories has been committed to serving the analytical testing needs of the agricultural and horticultural industries in New Zealand for over three decades. Throughout that time, we have built extremely positive relationships with our customers, working to ensure the primary industry is at its most productive and progressive.

It has been wonderful to see the innovative and socially conscious efforts demonstrated throughout the farming industry in New Zealand through our involvement with the Ballance Farm Environment Awards. As a company, we are proud to have sponsored these awards since 2004 and are dedicated to continuing this support and promoting those efforts in the future.

Our award, the Hill Laboratories Harvest Award, recognises excellence in productive and resilient pasture and crop growing systems including Horticulture and Viticulture. Recipients of this award must demonstrate a good understanding of soil protection and pasture or crop husbandry, and an active weed and pest management plan.

Hill Laboratories is New Zealand’s largest private analytical testing laboratory, providing testing services for agriculture, environmental and food industries.  

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