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Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is proud to sponsor the Livestock Award in the Ballance Farm Environment Awards recognising farming practices that support a long-term commitment to sustainability.

The essence of sustainability is finding a balance between, environmental, financial and social values and the Awards provide an opportunity to showcase the farmers who are working in this way. 

Their stories inspire other farmers to think along the same lines and the Awards are an opportunity to showcase wider environmental and economic benefits for the New Zealand economy.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand works to provide the tools and information that highlight environmental issues and promote sustainability and so it is good to be involved in awards which share our goals.

The Beef + Lamb New Zealand Land and Environment Planning Toolkit is one such tool that helps farmers identify land and environmental issues on their farms.  From there they can make a plan to ensure the land is managed sustainably, taking into account the specific spoil type, fertility, pasture types, susceptibility to erosion and management practices relevant to that particular farm.

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