Award Criteria

Our Awards / Gordon Stephenson Trophy / Award Criteria

The recipient of the Gordon Stephenson Trophy will be selected from the eleven regional Supreme Winners.

This Award is separate to the Regional Awards programme and judged under a different criteria.

Two judges from New Zealand Farm Environment judges panel visit each of the regional supreme winners on farm, to confirm information from the regional feedback report, get a more in-depth understanding of the people in their own environment, get appreciation of their achievements and discuss wider industry issues.

At the National Showcase event they will be panel interviewed for 30 minutes, by 6 industry experts. This process will cover the entrants’ wider understanding of agriculture, current issues and personal beliefs.

The National winner is more of an ambassadorial role for NZ Agriculture Inc. This includes, amongst other prizes, an overseas study tour of the winners choice, facilitated by the New Zealand Farm Environment in conjunction with Sponsors and Partners of the New Zealand Farm Environment.

The National winners will present a paper of their study to the New Zealand Farm Environment Trust which will be made available online.

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