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LIC is one of the oldest farming cooperatives in New Zealand and, right from when the Farm Environment Awards were first launched in 2001, was proud to sponsor awareness and application of the highest standards of environmental sustainability through, initially, the Farm Environment Awards better known today as the Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

Back in 2001 the language was new, but the practice was not, and what the Awards has done has raised the profile of the good work being done on farms around New Zealand, and provide leadership so that these standards have become a goals for more farmers and more mainstream.

As an organisation, LIC applies environmental sustainability principles and practices to all aspects of our business – our offices, vehicles, farms, products and services; our values and behaviours. 

Achieving this in any measure comes down to role-modeling and it is in this area that the Ballance Farm Environment Awards plays such an important part. Not only do the Awards recognise individual excellence, but collectively promote and position agriculture as guardians and protectors of nature.

LIC is proud to be part of that vision, of that movement.

The LIC Dairy Farm Award recognises the dairy farmer who role-models best practices through long term, practical, environmental planning and their commitment to the entrenchment of our country’s clean green image through their stewardship of the land.

LIC extends its congratulations to the winner/s of this Award, and to all the nominees and winners in the 2014 Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

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