Bay of Plenty sheep and beef farmers John and Catherine Ford were named 2015 National Winners in Wellington. Read more

Auckland region joins the Ballance Farm Environment Awards.  Read more

Frans and Tineke de Jong along with Talbert de Jong and Emily Meese Wins Supreme in 2015 Waikato Ballance Farm Environment Awards.  Read more about Southern Belle Orchard

Table Hill farmers Dave and Janene Divers have won the Supreme title in the 2015 Otago Ballance Farm Environment Award. Read more

Robert and Anna Kempthorne were named 2015 Southland Ballance Farm Environment Awards Supreme WinnerRead more about the Kempthorne's.

Mackenzie Country Station Wins Supreme in 2015 Canterbury Ballance Farm Environment Awards.  Read more about Mark and Annabelle Subtil

2015 Taranaki Regional Supreme Winners were announched as Mark and Jacqui Muller with farm manager Conrad Maeke.  Discover more

Greig and Rachel Alexander for names as 2015 Northland Ballance Farm Environment Awards Supreme WinnerFind out more of their story

Read more about the 2015 Horizons Ballance Farm Environment Award Supreme Winners, Hugh, Judy, William Akers and Laura Oughton.

Central Hawke's Bay Sheep and Beef farmers, Alistair and Tracy Ormond and Daniel Ormond have been named 2015 East Coast Ballance Farm Environment Awards Supreme Winners.  Find out more

John and Catherine Ford ihave been named as 2015 Bay of Plenty Ballance Farm Environment Awards Supreme Winner.  Find out more

2014 NZ Farm Environment Trust Annual Report is now available by clicking here

2013 National Winner Craige and Roz McKenzie's off-shore report is now available Click here to view the full report on their South American experiences.

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New Zealand farmers are amongst the World’s most efficient producers of safe, quality food and are renowned for their long term sustainability focus. This is seen in the excellent stewardship of New Zealand farmland.

The NZFE Trust sets out to take a leadership role in showcasing this stewardship. We set out to publicise and promote widely these profitable sustainable farming practices.

  • The Trust also provides for the ongoing development of environmental leadership through a range of partnership programs.
  • We are an Independent Charitable Trust, have clear goals and achievable strategic plans and policies and manage the business in a professional way.
  • We do not endorse our sponsors or partners products but choose partners and sponsors that understand and support our sustainability ethos.
  • We value enduring relationships and have partnerships with nine regional councils (plus the Gisborne District Council) who share our vision.
  • While we achieve our goals through the 4 key areas listed above, our Ballance Farm Environment Awards programme is currently our flagship activity.